Farm Strategic Planning

  • Strategic assessment and planning for farm businesses
  • Farm performance monitoring and benchmarking
  • Optimisation of farm systems
  • Farmax modelling
  • Land use diversification opportunities

Farm environmental consulting

  • Farm Environment Plans (FEP)
  • Farm Environment Plan audits
  • Resource consent applications
  • On-farm compliance assistance
  • Overseer nutrient budgets, nutrient management, and mitigation planning
  • Catchment group support
  • Environmental due diligence assessments and advice on farm purchase, or when planning to do new activities on farm

Forestry and Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) consulting

  • Assessment of ETS eligibility for all forestry types; regenerating native and exotic forests
  • Registering Post-1989 forests into the ETS
  • Manage client carbon portfolios and maximise long-term carbon revenue returns
  • Drone orthomosiac mapping of forests for real-time data driven forest management
  • Consultation on implementing new afforestation land uses that optimise farm systems
  • Due diligence when purchasing a property with an, or the potential for, ETS registration
  • Sell carbon credits in the market capturing the highest price premiums

Greenhouse Gas Emission (GHG) management

  • Farm level carbon footprint calculations
  • Strategic farm planning to find greenhouse gas reductions and efficiencies across a split gas approach; methane, nitrous oxide, and carbon dioxide
  • Comprehensive carbon offsetting calculations

Farm Mapping & Aerial Imagery

  • Farm mapping
  • Drone orthomosiac imagery and photogrammetry
  • ETS forest land mapping (native regeneration, space planted poplar, pine)
  • River, waterway, and wetland mapping for farm planning and consenting
  • Drone photography and video