Who we are

Charlotte Senior

Charlotte is a highly motivated, well-connected, and valued rural professional in the New Zealand primary industry. She has demonstrated experience in farm systems consulting, with a key focus on environmental and economic support. Growing up on her family’s sheep and arable farm in Albury, South Canterbury, she is passionate about working passion at a grass-roots level, empowering farmers to achieve better outcomes for their farm system, business, and the environment, and respond to opportunities, challenges, and change. Her enthusiasm, technical ability, all-round capability, and finger on the pulse see her as a trusted consultant across a wide range of work.

Her farming background has been the primary driver of her interest in individual farmer needs, and empathy and passion to support farmers. After graduating from Lincoln University, Charlotte has spent the past six years working as an Agriculture and Resources Economist, and runs her own small farm near Lincoln with her husband Matt.

  • Farm environmental support, complemented with sound farm system and financial advice, across a range of primary sectors including dairy, sheep, beef, deer, arable and horticulture
  • Resource consent applications for farming related activities
  • Due diligence assessments of environmental compliance on farm sale or purchase, or when planning to do new activities on farm
  • On-farm compliance assistance
  • Farm Environment Plan development and auditing
  • Overseer modelling and nutrient management
  • Farm greenhouse gas emissions management
  • Farm performance monitoring and benchmarking
  • Farm environment-related group workshop training and facilitation
  • Bachelor of Commerce with First Class Honours, Lincoln University
  • Bachelor of Environmental Management & Planning, Lincoln University
  • Certified Nutrient Management Advisor (CNMA), Massey University Advanced Sustainable Nutrient Management course, Massey University
  • Advanced Greenhouse Gas Modelling workshop (Farmax and Overseer)
  • New Zealand Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Management course, Massey University
  • Certified Farm Nutrient Advisor, Waikato Regional Council
  • Certified Farm Environment Plan Auditor, Environment Canterbury
  • New Zealand Institute of Primary Industry Management (NZIPIM)
  • New Zealand Agriculture & Resource Economics Society
  • Women in Agribusiness (NZ)
  • South Canterbury Catchment Collective Group member

Sam Mander

Sam is an enthusiastic, ambitious, and passionate rural professional that has a vision to be a leader in the growth and development of sustainable agriculture in New Zealand. After graduating at Lincoln University, he spent three years on farm in shepherding roles in the South Island of New Zealand, in the Western Australian wheatbelt, and started a drone precision agriculture company. He’s spent the last four years working as a farm environment and carbon consultant and is a recent graduate in the Kellogg Rural Leadership programme.

Sam is recognised as an innovative leader in capturing opportunity for farmers in the carbon space. He quickly utilised his skillset in drone mapping and farm systems to develop a cutting-edge methodology approved by MPI that succeeded in registering hundreds of hectares of regenerating indigenous forest land into the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS). The result for his farming clients has been exceptional increases in cash flow from carbon credits and carbon zero farm systems. He’s currently busy working all around New Zealand helping farmers optimise their farm systems through understanding the ETS and utilising carbon through agro-forestry initiatives.

  • Expert in the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) policy
  • Specialist in carbon sequestration and forestry implementation
  • Understands financial implications of carbon sequestration, ecological forest management, and ETS liability obligations
  • Comprehensive understanding of national and global carbon markets and their movements
  • Forestry and carbon related training and workshop facilitation
  • Farm environment consultant
  • Certified Forestry Advisor
  • Bachelor of Environmental Management and Planning; Majoring in Conservation and Ecology, Lincoln University
  • Post-graduate Certificate in Commerce and Agribusiness, Lincoln University.
  • Kellogg Rural Leadership Programme Graduate
  • Certificate of Advanced Sustainable Nutrient Management, Massey University
  • Certificate of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Climate Change Management in Agriculture, Massey University.
  • New Zealand Institute of Primary Industry Management (NZIPIM)
  • NZ Institute of Forestry
  • NZ Farm Forestry Association

Matt Hall

Agri-Carbon Consultant
+64 27 676 6587

Matt grew up on a small deer farm near Geraldine, South Canterbury, where he found his passion to work in the rural environment.

After graduating from Lincoln University, Matt spent several years working for private contractors and the Department of Conservation in pest control management. He has spent the last five years working alongside Canterbury farmers to manage their wilding pine issues. This involved finding solutions to enhance their productive land that is being threatened with increasing numbers of wilding pine infestations.

Matt values the role native ecosystems play in New Zealand and is excited to work with farmers to recognise the financial opportunities these ecosystems pose to their farm.

  • Lincoln University: Bachelor of Science, Majoring in Conservation and Ecology.