Forestry and Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) consulting

We are one of New Zealand’s leading providers of assessing ETS eligibility on farm, particularly within naturally regenerating native forest land. Our methodology combines knowledge of farm systems, forest ecology, drone technology, and on farm vegetative analysis, to maximise carbon sequestration recognition without changing the farm system. We also provide advice on farm afforestation projects that work to optimise farm systems through integrated forestry.

Key services

  • Assessment of ETS eligibility for all forestry types; regenerating native and exotic forests
  • Registering Post-1989 forests into the ETS
  • Manage client carbon portfolios and maximise long-term carbon revenue returns
  • Drone orthomosiac mapping of forests for real-time data driven forest management
  • Consult on implementing new afforestation land uses that optimise farm systems
  • Due diligence when purchasing a property with an, or the potential for, ETS registration
  • Voluntary and mandatory emissions returns
  • Sell carbon credits in the market capturing the highest price premiums